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Because your staff has enough to do…

We know that your staff already has their hands full taking care of your residents’ everyday needs. They don’t need the additional responsibilities of assisting us.

That’s why when we’re in your facility, we make sure we don’t ask your staff to do our work.

We bring our own doctors assistants when we visit your facility. They will:

  • Transport the resident to and from the doctor
  • Fill out the necessary forms
  • Locate and return all charts to their proper place

Patients’ insurance claims are processed by our own billing department.

We keep your nursing staff apprised of treatment and progress with our easy-to-read examination reports.

Most important, our staff members treat each patient with the privacy and respect they deserve; the privacy and respect they would give their own relatives.

We deliver…

Transporting a resident to a doctor’s office for a routine examination is both disruptive and expensive, in terms of personnel and resources required. That’s why whenever possible, we try to bring our office to you. There is rarely a need for your residents to travel to our office.

During the Ovitsky eye exam, if our doctor sees something that needs to be explored further, there’s a good chance we can perform specialized tests at your facility. We’ve invested in a portable retinal photography unit that we bring to the nursing home. This technology can help us diagnose and track a variety of conditions: glaucoma, macular degeneration, vascular disease, diabetes, to name a few.

From the data this instrument provides, we can prescribe the best treatment.

Retinal photos also document a patient’s progress for other medical professionals who need to know.

All of this happens in the comfort and security of familiar surroundings.

We’re in the vision business, not the glasses business…

Ovitsky Vision Care is not here to sell eyeglasses. We’re here to help your residents see their world.

If eyeglasses would improve our patient’s vision, we prescribe glasses. For your private insurance residents, we work with a company that provides quality frames and lenses to Ovitsky Vision Care patients at very affordable prices. Your residents can be confident that if eyeglasses will help them see better, we will make sure they can afford them.

If glasses repair or replacement of parts is needed, one of our trained opticians will repair the glasses on site (assuming availability of parts) at no cost to the resident or the facility.

Depending upon what we learn from our examination, there are a variety of treatments we may prescribe. We have no affiliation with an ophthalmologist and thus no bias toward surgery as a treatment. We prescribe the treatment that is best for the patient, not the practitioner.

The Ovitsky reputation for integrity is well established in the long term care community. We’ve been building on it since 1983. You can be sure that we would do nothing to tarnish the Ovitsky reputation.

Continued Excellence through Innovation…

Ovitsky Vision Care constantly invests in the latest technology in medical equipment to ensure the highest quality of eye care for your residents. Some medical equipment that is not even commonly found at the most popular eye care providers.

Many of the optical instruments used to measure and test patients for a variety of diseases are designed for brick-and-mortar optometry practices and are often large and stationary machines. Ovitsky Vision Care consults with the medical equipment manufacturers to obtain a portable design of the equipment, which allows our expert technicians to bring these revolutionary machines into your facility.

Ovitsky Vision Care is glad to announce the integration of our new Electronic Health Records (EHR) System, RevolutionEHR.

RevolutionEHR is the leading cloud-based EHR for Optometry. Since the EHR is cloud-based, we will be able to access our system in your Facility.

Additionally, this integration will allow the nursing staff to access all of the Residents’ Eye Examinations & Encounter Summaries. The nurses will even be able to check their Residents’ glasses order status!

The days of spending time and money with printing and scanning are over.

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